The Conklin & Chemist Difference

The Conklin & Chemist Difference

ABOUT US  Why are we different?

We are oil experts! We've been making oil by hand the ancient Greek way since 2012. (longer than almost anyone else.) We also old seminars and classes all over the valley teaching people all about CBD, what it can do for them and how/why it works. We even teach people how to make it and how WE make it. Since 2012, we have been the leading source of knowledge for CBD in Arizona.

OUR OIL  What's the difference?

It's all about how we make it! Keeping it fat soluble by taking mass amounts of whole hemp plant, seed and stalk and pressing it like Ancient Greek olive oil; never using distillate, isolate or filler oils. This keeps the goodness of the plant preserved and intact. Our oil contains natural plant material, proteins, good fats and heart healthy Omega's. 

FAT SOLUBLE  Why Is It Better?

Isolate and distillate CBD oils, although absorbed quickly, are only retained in your body's water, so they also leave quickly only providing temporary relief. It also maxes out your natural tolerance which means that you will have to take stronger doses to provide the same desired effect. Fat soluble oils are retained in your fat and muscle cells throughout the body and stay there for months providing long-term relief without having to take more and more.

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