About Us

Conklin and Chemist (mostly chemist) makes some and above the finest oils around and have been since 2012. We (both of us) know of no other oil that costs more or takes longer to produce. Each individual bottle requires a special dedicated effort, intelligence, creativity and patience unparalleled in oil making today.

We take masses of raw hemp plant; including: seeds, stalks, flowers, buds - the whole plant - and mash them together into a sludge. Next we cook it using a proprietary decarboxylation process to activate it. This helps it absorb better into your system. Then we filter, filter, filter, filter, filter. We filter it 5 times through varying sizes of micron screens (some plant material might still make it into the bottle) Lastly, we bottle and label each item by hand. We make it this way using the whole plant so that you and your pets get the WHOLE benefit of hemps and CBD.

When making Master Oil for Cats and Dogs, we add all-natural, organic hemp seed oil to lower the milligrams to a suitable dosage for animals while adding good proteins and omega fats for your animals.

We keep Master Oil for both humans and animals as simple and natural as possible and believe this is what makes our oil unique, stronger and better in a saturated oil industry.