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Conklin and Chemist Fine Oil Makers

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

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Give your pet a natural boost with Pet Therapy. Choose from 2 specially blended strengths to suit your furry friend's needs. Safe for cats and dogs, it helps relieve pain and anxiety -- and it's perfect for animals up to 100lbs! 450mg for 1-20lbs, 900mg for 20-100lbs, and try Master Oil for even bigger animals. Ease your furry friend's mind and body with Pet Therapy. Available in 2 carefully concocted strengths, this all-natural remedy provides relief from anxiety and pain for both cats and dogs. It's perfect for small to medium-sized animals at 450mg and medium to large-sized animals at 900mg. Plus, for the biggest beasts around, try Master Oil for an extra dose of relief!


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